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R. T. Maxwell

Perl programmers?

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For anyone who doesn't know (I assume that's all of you except Parias) I write Perl programs. The thing is, I am undertaking the biggest project I've ever attempted and I was wondering if anyone could be available to render some assistance if I need any. I suppose I should run down what the program does, too.

A person starts from a login page. Their username and password are verified and stored in a temporary file (so the program knows they are logged in). From that screen, there are several options. 1) Create a file, 2) Edit a file, 3) Delete a file. Pretty basic, eh? Inside the user's account file, though, is a list of directories they are permitted to alter. So, there are several basic programs: Login, Menu, Edit, Create, and Delete.

I've already encountered one potential problem, actually. The problem is that a person could easily bypass the directory structure by entering a filename such as ../filename.txt or /main/filename.txt or anything of that sort. I assume a split command would be able to take out anything like that. But I'm not sure! I suppose I should test it...

Anyhow, I've probably not made much sense here. If anyone knows anything about Perl programming and wants to lend some assistance, please ICQ me at 2685176. I intend to make this program quite large eventually (it's already grown from a simple message posting system into this). Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. smile.gif

Oh, and don't any of you tell me to write it for ASP instead. I'll get upset. wink.gif


Robert Thomas Maxwell

GCV Desideratus


"Leave the repairs to the techs. Leave the mass destruction to ME."

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