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Just read that those with SLI can get 70fps with a fast machine.

Any possibility of adding high resolution support for those with high end graphics cards (voodoo2 and voodoo2 SLI) in a later patch for V2.0? 800x600 or 1024x768? Resolution could be an option the user could select in config or choose with a command-line option. BC3K would be even more awesome at higher resolutions (though if you do this, you might want to resize text because it might get a little small except on very large monitors).

Also - you could make it effective only in areas where the 3d engine is active (cockpits , bridge viewer, external views, tacops) - menus could still run at 640x480.

To avoid having to resize the cockpit and bridge artwork, you could have these resolution modes run full screen only without the 2d cockpit art (similar to Falcon4 at 1024x768).

Currently, no space sim supports resolutions above 800x600 so BC3k could be the first to support 1024x768 (Independence War is the only current space sim to offer 800x600).

On the other hand, I understand that some features need to be saved for BC3020, so if necessary, I can wait for hires.

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