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Real-Time Communications

Supreme Cmdr

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Guest Ron Wallin

That's great SC!!! Now we Insurgents can voice coordinate the destruction of Wraith Fleet biggrin.gif

Cmdr. Akira

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He, he, he. Destroy Wraith, ya needs to come back from never-never land first Akira smile.gif

Battlefield Communications would greatly enhance mutliplay fleet actions, "deathmatch", or just for harrassing fellow commanders. If implemented, B-Comms needs to be linked to the player(s) ship comm systems status. What do I mean? If a player's comm system is 100% then range could be GHQ to Gamm-land. If comm system takes damage from battle or sabotage, then range decreases or other features begin to fail: Transmitter or receiver might be out.

Different types of transmissions could be introduced.

Broadcast - goes everywhere.

Narrow-beam - limited to specific region in space.

Tight-beam - aka one specific craft or receiver.

All comms should be able to be jammed by other players and AI/NPC (if properly equipt). This would also be a good time to invest in comminications ECM and ECCM. Battlefield Communication Jamming could becom the next tactical advantage.

A great feature, I like it.


CMDR Gallion

GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing

Wraith Fleet

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Scratch that. I just received some information from rTIME (the developers of the mp engine I'm using) that they have incorporated real-time communications into the api and that I should be getting an update in March. Now I don't need yet another third party api to deal with.

Go figure.

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Hmmm... it seems that device really drove Akira insane... and delusional. *G*

I like Gallion's idea :-) Now the Chief should really develop some player vs. player stuff like those comm scramblers.

Wow! 32 players! Really amazing!!!!

Hey Derek, any thoughts on creating a "virgin" universe game mode for multiplay??

By this I mean a universe in which players start in the home planets of their race/caste and they have NO information on the rest of the galaxy. It would give a new meaning to exploration and cartography! Not to mention strategy and pure FUN!. Hey, maybe such a "virgin galaxy" could be attached to the current galaxy! Hrmrm..getting off topic. Anyway, hope you consider it :-).

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