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A Corsair's Wish List


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My wish list for BC3020AD encompasses many areas. Some of you may see your own ideas in my list. There are many good wish list ideas out there. I am not trying to steal or take credit for them just trying to get them all in one shot. Some areas of my wish list are feasible, while other areas may not be. I have tried to limit my list to features that BC3020AD could implement. Some may be planned, some may not be. Will any of this be included? I do not know, I will be lucky if anybody actually reads my list. So here goes...

NOTE: I am using BC3K v2.04preview for reference although BC3020AD will be entire new game.

PRIMARY WISH --- Delay release of BC3020AD until 99.9999% of game works. Keep patches to minimum, one maybe two max. I as a gamer I would be disappointed if game release is delayed but IÔÇÖd rather wait an extra 6 months than go through an early release replay. "Release game incomplete and then patch" seems to be the norm these days in computer gaming industry.

Music Score

Movie trailer is great; I am partial to keeping v1.0 intro Music Score. Why? The beat, tunes, and lyrics are KA and set the ÔÇ£toneÔÇØ for the game after first installing it. Besides, makes me remember where the ÔÇ£gameÔÇØ use to be as compared to now (there is no comparison).


-- Gameplay is essential for any computer game. This ranges from user interface to actual game mechanics. I will focus only on user interface.

Add DELETE SAVEGAME slot option on player profile.

Add interface that will increase item quantity BUY/SELL in TRADCOM menu areas


<Ctrl>+Left Mouse button increase quantity of Item BUY/SELL by say...100. Keep this up and Quantity keeps increasing by 100 vs. one.

Research (really wishing here)

-- With limited Artifacts in the BC3020AD universe(s), there is no ÔÇ£realÔÇØ need for a Research Engineer. The RE would be a waste of both Life Support and Nutripak resources. Enable the BC RE to research various system enhancements, improvements, and new equipment on all BC3020AD craft; BC, ICs, and SHs.

-- Examples:

1 - Put Research Engineer and Chief Engineer to work on researching Trellis Nuclear Power Reactor Efficiency. End result would be Trellis NR with say 5-10 percent increase in Power Output but consume a lot of Radine. Continuing this research would make Trellis NR-E(nhanced) more fuel-efficient. Player would have to ÔÇ£findÔÇØ, construct, or obtain ÔÇ£specialÔÇØ components to make this enhancement on the Trellis NR. Research would identify the components needed for enhancement. Research is an experiment and should not be without risk. Someone could adjust the wrong gizmo and ÔÇ£poofÔÇØ, NR and engineering (along with whoever happened to be around) would be damaged/destroyed. Higher AI of RE and CE would lessen the probability. System Engineers would have to spend double to triple the amount of time needed to install/upgrade an Enhanced NR on BC. This could not be conducted at SS or SB. Once enhancement is installed and it is destroyed for one reason or another; the whole process has to start all over ÔÇô somebody forgot to keep good notes or specs.

2 - RE & CE research cloaking device for Interceptors. Now before you all cry fowl, this is something currently not avail for IC craft. ICs do not have a cargo bay, only one-weapon bay with 10 missile slots. To install a workable IC cloaking device it would cost several slots, say four. Why? Two slots for cloaking device system equipment and two for the Iridium needed to fuel the device. IC system power requirements would increase causing shield and laser recharge time to increase also. How about an armed shuttlecraft? Everything would have a price, weapons stores or cargo space.

-- Research on Major systems is not just limited to the few examples above. Research could enhance just about every craft system or subsytem. Hate to compare BC3K to different genre or universe. Think of the enhancements Jordy made on the NCC-1701D in ST: TNG series.

Player Personalization

- Allow playerÔÇÖs ship name and Fleet Insignia to be displayed on BC exterior. Name would be limited to say 15 characters and fleet insignia would be limited to 75x100 jpg, pcx, or gif format ÔÇô file size could not exceed 5k. This should be easy to allow in single play but may not be able to do in Multiplay. This would be a ÔÇ£skinÔÇØ like in other M/P games but something that can uploaded to whatever M/P server, protocol used. By limiting file sizes universe updating time can be reduced.


- Ability to ÔÇ£fireÔÇØ (replace) Officers and Pilots and recruit new ones. This includes wiping out the old DNA signatures and inputting new ones for cloning module. Then again just get rid of C-Mod all together.

- MEDIBAY ÔÇô Limit berthing space for medical emergencies only, only 10 to 20 crewmembers can report to MEDIBAY at one time.


I am not familiar with multiplay games or gaming (may change when BC3020AD is released) so my only suggestion would be to Only allow Player(s) to Enter/Exit a M/P session from a SS. This would also be the only place where player(s) could save their game/profile. If player is ÔÇ£bumpedÔÇØ from their ISP connection for one reason or another, timer starts. Player has a reasonable amount of time, say five to ten minutes, to get back into the session. If timer expires then the Players ship becomes fair game and the universal AI has another NPC ship. If on-line only version is in the works, delay release until it is 99.9% workable. Keep patches to minimal, No U/O or that one in France. ÔÇÿnuff on Multiplay.


Covered in different thread,

www.bc3000ad.com/ubb/Forum9/HTML/000071.html Real-Time Communications thread.

-When a report comes in from a system where player has an active probe; include Probe Number in Commlink/Log.

Current: Gallion: MRT-15 destroyed. Proposed: Probe2: MRT-15 destroyed


-Base price of item should reflect the planet where SS or SB is located. Minerals should be cheaper at Mineral Planet buy more expensive at an Agricultural planet. Same applies to Technology. Tech items should be cheaper at high tech SS, SB than at low tech ones.


SS Gazer1, Pluto, Mineral Planet, Iridium buys/sells base price would be 4500ish plus Inflation level of 10% Nutripaks on the other hand would buy/sell at the full Inflationary price and then some. There is no ÔÇ£nativeÔÇØ agriculture production on Pluto. If there were, agriculture production would be limited and products expensive.

Deflector Arrays at Galcom HQ, High tech item, SS has tech level of 3, base price 450000, Inflation 0%. Now take same item and go to a lower tech SS orbiting a AG world (no industry), say a Vesperon tech 1, inflation 10% multiply by 2 (difference in tech level) plus inflated base price. Deflector Arrays may Buy/Sell more than 700000.

Implementation may be difficult. My math is very rusty but I remember some problems I had just solving simple Quadratic equations in basic Algebra. Bottom line ÔÇô AG products should be cheaper and not reflect complete SS/SB inflation level at a SB on or SS orbiting an AG planet. Same can be said for mineral, etc planets.

Thus ends my feable wish list. Thank you for reading this far.


Cmdr Gallion

GCV-Graf Spee, Corsair Wing

Wraith Fleet

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