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Guest Jihad_Ace

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texture sizes For compatibility reasons, our texture sizes will not exceed 256x256

32-bit color more than likely. Dunno yet.

Bump mapping probably. Depends on time.

voice coms The rTime multiplayer engine has voice comms built in. If it proves to be problematic, then I will use Roger Wilco (they already contacted me about it actually).

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Guest MrBeAr

Here are two ideas for new Bc30xxad games:

-you start out as a pilot/gunner/marine or something and work your way up till finally you get to command your own battlecruiser. This would make for a more rpg oriented game, you`d get to choose a tour of duty on different capital ships etc.

-the "admirals edition" of bc3000ad,

a cross between MOO2 and bc3000ad, that would

be really cool


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Start/continue a saved game. Once inside the game, hit Cntl+V. that should show you the version of the game that you are running, and the FPS that it's running at. smile.gif

BTW, If we keep posting off topics up here, the SC is going to had us our butts on a silver platter. We've all been warned before, and I am as guilty as anyone else. I'll no longer respond to a post in the wrong forum. That's out of self preservation. smile.gif


Rattler, Spectre, Insurgent One

Official BC3K Tester

[email protected]

ICQ 12894104

Just Doin' What I can with What I got!

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Derek or any of the other people,,.

How many frames do you think i will get with a P2-400 MMX, 64meg ram, and STB Vilocity 4400 (16megs sdram) i think that direct 3d is the best the graphics might not be as sharp but the framerate is around on all games avrage ad 800X600 is 95 to 100 the slowest it has ever been is about 50 to 40

oww yea and how big do you think that the bc3020 demo is going to be? thanks

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