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BC 3020AD Features and Support Questions

Kurt Meyer

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Please do not delete this message. I have read so much about BC3020AD but so much information has been left out. I am so pumped up to play it smile.gif

Sound System:

What sound API will BC3020AD use?

-Direct Sound

-Direct Sound 3D

-EAX 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0

-A3D 1.0 or 2.0

* NOTE: If 3D hardware is currently supported what special effects and filters are in place?

What kind of sample rates can we expect?

Will BC3020AD feature dynamic or static music and in what format?

If there is music who is recording the tracks?

Will BC3020AD support sound based texture property sets?

Any plans on letting users customize their sound schemes?

Rendering: Direct 3D, Glide, and Open GL

Will BC3020AD support Intel Pentium III and or AMD 3DNOW Instructions?

Will BC3020AD support multi-texturing?

Will BC3020AD support Scan Line Interleave (SLI) mode?

Will BC3020AD support S3 Texture Compression?

Will BC3020AD support Tripple Buffering?

Will BC3020AD support any form of Bump Mapping?

Will BC3020AD support Environmental Mapping?

Will BC3020AD Support Reflective Surfaces?

What kind of lighting system can we expect to see in BC3020AD?

Will BC3020AD use 32-bit color, 32-bit zbuffer and or stencil buffers?

Will BC3020AD use dynamic shadows?

How scaleable will the graphics engine be? Multiple LOD?

Will BC3020AD support Alpha Blending?

Will BC3020AD use any sprites or particles systems?

Will BC3020AD use hardware Transform and Lightning Acceleration - Geometry Acceleration?

Any plans to do a 3D Bridge and or cockpits?

Input Devices, Controls:

What input devices will be supported in BC3020AD?

Will Force Feedback be supported in BC3020AD?

Will users be able to define or use custom controls?


What forms of Networking will BC3020AD support?

Will BC3020AD feature a dedicated server .exe? If so which platforms will be supported? Win32? Linux?

Will Client side prediction be used?

What Operating Systems will be supported?

Will we be able to hail other Commanders and shuttle over for a visit in 1st person? smile.gif

Will Multi-Player feature a save game command?

Packaging Information:

How many CD's will BC3020AD come with?

Will a full page manual or any starcharts be included?

Will any 3D model or Map editors be included?


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As I recall, BC3020 is still in development. I'm perfectly happy waiting for the information to be released, rather than asking for it. If I were to ask those questions, I would not expect an answer. There's a reason SC is only telling us about 10% of what's in it. smile.gif

What you're asking for are the details that would up that 10%. It might be best (in the interest of keeping the air in your lungs) to wait for SC to answer those questions on his own. To quote a saying from the days of pre-2.0, "It will be ready when it's ready."

On a similar note, "SC will be ready to tell you the details when he's ready."

Sorry, SC, hope I'm not stepping on your toes (looks worriedly at the airlock)...


Commander David Foss, GCV Deterrence

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Well it would be nice to get a little extra sauce now and then smile.gif This game is what we have all been waiting for so how about some details. I will be purchasing a new system soon enough and I would like to know what hardware etc will be supported. I need an idea of what its going to look and feel like. I have never bought a 4 year old piece of software until I bought BC3000AD. Its a good thing I waited as its much more polished now. I just hope BC3020 Has more features, more commodities, better graphics and sound and I want it to create a total sense of realism and environment. Alot of the things I listed all help to achieve that. So knowing what the feature set will be I can get an idea of how she is gona look and feel. I have not seen anything done with the Genesis 3D engine. I am not expecting anyone to fully answer my questions but some insight would be nice. I am not trying to be rude if thats what you think. I think BC3000AD had an unfortunate development cycle as its only now I am getting to actually play this little Gem. Hopefully this time around the team gets it all togeather and everyone sticks to the task at hand. I also hope the publishing goes smooth.


CMDR Kurt Meyer



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Let me tackle a few of those in reverse.

"How many CD's will BC3020AD come with?"

None. It will be released as a 3 DVD set. Additionally, as an anti-piriacy measure, all DVDs must be on-line all the time. Thus, your system will either require 3 DVD players or the new Fugiama 5-DVD changer.

"What Operating Systems will be supported?"

Initially, only Solaris V99.01.7 for Ultra-Sparc workstations. Later, there should be a port to CP/M.

"What input devices will be supported in BC3020AD?

Aside from the keyboard, only the Nintendo PowerGlove.

"Will BC3020AD support [graphics buzzwords]?"

Because space is so vast, distance is of overwhelming importance. Therefore, BC3020 will support 4-color compressed sprites and TRS-80 block graphic characters; but it will have a 256-bit Z-buffer.

"What sound API will BC3020AD use?"

Solaris drivers are currently under development to support monographic pulsed-current 4,000,000 milliohm percussive transducers. Some people refer to this as PC Speaker.


Oops! I forgot the {parody} tags. smile.gif


Cmdr Pherrett


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ROFTL! That was too good! :-)

"Will a full page manual or any starcharts be included?"

I hope so... my printer got a hernia from the last time I printed the manual... dont worry... im sure it will be included (after all..it IS the BC3K comeback into the world!)

"Will any 3D model or Map editors be included"

I think the GBS will give you that capability (map editor).. but 3D models... not sure.

"Any plans on letting users customize their sound schemes"

err.. you mean like change the sounds for the laser shots? You can do that now.. check your BC folder :-) I do wish we could edit the PAINT SCHEMES for our ships in the game... that would be awesome!

I was watching WING COMMANDER (movie) yesterday (dont ask me why... as if I hadn't cried enough the first time I saw it..sigh), and noticed something that I think would be cool to have "in the box": Remember in the intro to the movie? When the star charts looked like old medieval-type maps? Now imagine a BC3K star chart like that... *drool*. Ah hell... I gotta see a shrink! This is obsessive! :-)

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You can do that with the BC3K star charts. Just input them into your favorite picture editor (I used Photoshop). There's a enhancement option that fuzzies up the lines of your image. I can't remember what it's called, though. Anyway, I did that with a black background and I gold (dark yellow) pen colour and it looked just like the intro to WC. I highly reccomend it.


Commander Badgerius, GCV Diligence

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Its funny you should mention that movie. I was a big fan of the Original Wing Commander game and the Sequel. Unfortunately they drove that series into the ground and I expected no less from the movie. Needless to say I walked out on the movie it was so bad. I did not know wether or not to cry or laugh. Like you said though, when the movie opened and I saw them starcharts I was drooling. Looked really nice. Best part of the show was the beginning. Then like the game it went to hell in a handbasket fast lol.


CMDR Kurt Meyer



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Kurt, as a newbie, I would suggest that you figure out the rules or read all the announcements. Too many threads related to the same thing, clog up my board. So, I have systematically deleted 3 of your threads.

Please refrain from creating multiple threads of similar content.

As to your question, you'll have to wait for the game to be released. I'm not developing a game so that I have be the next fool on the block to use buzzwords and release a game that flops. I'm doing a game that, regardless of buzzwords and tech, will continue to be fun. The info on BC:3020AD that I have released and posted on its review page, is all that I am going to release. Further, I don't know who told you that OpenGL will not ship in the game on release. You must not have read the product review page.

Be advised.

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You'll have to forgive me if I get a little excited some times. I love games, especially good complex ones with persistant worlds and starships smile.gif I have read alot and listened to interviews. I have looked extensively at the screenshots. I've read your product info page for BC3020AD.

The reason I decided to ask about relevant rendering API's is because of what one of your moderators said in the General Discussion Forum.

"I just got ahold of the 32mb TNT2 and it kicks EVERY game to the curb, and laughs at the puny textures. Oh, and Q3 runs with all the bells and whistles enabled at 106fps (including the 32bit colors that you will never see in voodoo3).

The downside is that you'll have to wait for the OpenGL in 3020..."

With that said it left me wondering if I was going to be able to play BC3020AD on anything but a 3DFX out of the box. As for industry buzzwords well they are all features we would love to see in a great persistant online space exploration, trade and combat game. Your product info page shows me a screenshot of a 3D model pasted over a backdrop that looks like its from BC3000AD and modified in photoshop. Most of your 3D model screenshots are from your modeling editors and game builder software and the ones that are taken from a game we still have not seen use the same pixel backgrounds found in BC3000AD. Forgive me if I want to know more about this kick ass game I keep hearing about. If the game is as good as I hope it will be it will have what BC3000AD now lacks. Good graphics (to scale), sound and multi-player. Even if you did not touch the game as it is I would enjoy it more if it looked better, sounded better, and had multiplayer smile.gif Of course being evermore complex never hurt either and hell if you do this online I won't even have a life. I'll just live in my Battlecruiser. I also see you did release some new information pertaining to game budget after all this. That would be quite rude if I asked how much money you were given to fund your project. I only asked what rendering API's, sound API's, Networking and graphical feature sets you plan to use and support. I also asked which CPU's will be supported (Pentium III optimized? 3DNOW?) and forgot to ask about Operating systems, SMP support and different platforms. Just Average gamer Joe here wanting to know more about what he likes and wants. So I guess I just wont ask anything anymore and rely on rumor and hype if there is any.


CMDR Kurt Meyer



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Guest Ron Wallin

Kurt, I wrote that. If you have problems understanding the last line here it is in a more roundabout way:

BC3000AD supports 3d with GLIDE. You will have to wait for the release of BC3020AD:Redemption to get OpenGL based 3D.

Had you bothered to a. read the Product Info, or bothered to use the Search function of this forum, you wouldn't have had to ask anything about "Sound, Rendering, Input Devices, Networking, or Packaging".

The search function exists for a reason: To keep New Commanders informed about what has already been reviewed in great detail.

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