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New Interface Shots

Supreme Cmdr

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  1. F10 is a target camera. Nothing to do with what we are discussing: your ship.

  2. F8 is a view that, when used in concert with other control keys, including zoom, gives you a 360 bird's eye view of your ship and anything around it. As such, there is no need for any further dedicated views - which will only serve to duplicate this. The view also has several modes. If you use them correctly, you'll see how they work.

  3. Tacops gives a God's eye view or a target specific view (if you click on a target). The act of manually slewing your view, is the same as having to press another key to go to a dedicated external view. eg UP

  4. There is no benefit in looking at a ship if goes topside. If you are in a dogfight engagemenet, you should be following the target using the TLL. You can also use TACSCAN. No benefit is derived from being able to see the target once it goes overhead. If you must see it, thats what the CVD, the F10 or Tacops, are for.

  5. External cam views are what they are. A view to the outside. If you want bridge messages, you shouldn't be gazing out of a window. You should be staring at your bridge or Tacops.

  6. Adding extra views is 5 mins of work. But I'm not going to do it because it serves no purpose. And further, it just adds more keystrokes.

If anyone disagrees, please feel free to

pitch in, so that Steve feels better. wink.gif


The views are labeled. No need for icons.

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I STILL dont see any icons for the toilet! I mean, if you want to go AFK for the same reason, why not have your alter ego 3d character do the same?

Put it right next to the fruton torpedo launchers!

(you people take this too seriously LOL!) smile.gifbiggrin.gif

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Hmmm... this thing of the camera views brings a question to my mind. BCM implements a fog of war model, according to which some radar contacts in the region are not identified, right? So has TacOps been updated accordingly? I mean, can I just switch to TacOps and zoom in to find out that this unidentified blip is an enemy cruiser? I hope not.


See you out there, among the stars

Cmdr Nava, GCV Nemesis (Official BC3k tester)

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My guess about the fog of war is that if the ship is beyond a certain radar range a blip would show on tacops, once it gets into visual range of the ship or any ship of the same affiliation (aka, Galcom) it would show up the ship itself... if the blip enters a certain range from your ship or an allied vessel it would show up as a blip with info on it (aka, what type of ship it is).

That is my guess. Lets see what Derek says about this... test my psychic powers (and my spy in derek's office! *G*)

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