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Beta Test Registration Open

Supreme Cmdr

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Just thought I would jump in and beg to get on the beta of what will probably be the greatest space sim of all time ........... smile.gif

Been avid reader for about a year and a 1/2 or so but never posted.

Would be totally awsome if I get in.



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well if I'm allowed to put it on my brothers credit card I'll be fine, I order my games on his credit card most the time. But in certain things, you are only allowed to order if the credit card is in your name...

does it have to be to order from bmt micro?

If so I will have to pay Rattler for my copy smile.gif


Captain Cruis In

ICV St. Helens, Sygan Starstation (Sygan)

CEO, Sygan Starstation

Balor Fleet

"You can only love or hate something you truly understand"

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Hehehehehehehe *giggles grins and laughs manicaly"

I'm in!!!!, My wife is in also!!!!

(saves alot of problems)

You the Man SC especially about giving people without CC's a way of getting it, this is damn worth the cost, I'll be getting it via the online store and if its anywhere near as good as I think it is they i'll be saving some christmas money and buying two full versions (me like pretty manuals!)

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Guest Mythandryll

I've been lurking around these forums for years (since 1997) and have purchased 1.0 thru 2.0.

I have never bothered to register, or post, but I am familiar with all your names. This has always been a great community, and I look forward to taking a more active role in the discussions in the coming months.

I received my confirmation today to take part in the beta test and all I can say is OH MY GOD. Thanks SC for the priviledge.


The wise man who said that the pen was mightier than the sword, never rode in this Battlecruiser: Commander Mythandryll Atreidies, GCV Katana

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Guest aramike01

Welcome aboard, umm, M! biggrin.gif


Vice Admiral Michael Kristophers

ICV-Intrepid, Spectre (Antis)

Fleet Leader

Spectre Fleet

Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

You can only love or hate what you truly understand!

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Greetings and Salutations,

As an FNG who has just recently discovered this title, I am proud to join the ranks of the elite.

I have always been a fan of Space Sims, (many of which adorn my Wall of Shame) but this one is right up my alley. The only other sim that even came close to my approval was Imperium Galactica. BCM catapults the premise in that game to a new height. ( I'm getting a nosebleed wink.gif )

Thrusters to maximum, prepare for hyperjump, watch your scanners folks, I'm here ... to stay!

SC, your approval is much appreciated. Thanks


(Awaiting Prime Fleet approval and designator)

GCV Kentucky

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