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New terrain shots

Supreme Cmdr

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I am going to be releasing 50 shots this weekend, to go along with my latest dev status over on my dev page.

And yes, collision is active. In fact, those rocks bounce of you and each other, when they collide. And you can blow them up, hide behind them etc.

I am planning to support mining of asteroids themselves, in GCO. You'd be able to deploy a new type of mining drone which mines the asteroid itself by just driving over it, as it does on the planet.

Also, you can hide behind some of those rocks. e.g. the largest rocks (asteroid9/10) are 2752'x2997'. You can hide a carrier behind it. In fact, if you have the BCM beta or the demo, try this:

  1. Fire up BCStudio

  2. Select View->Resolution->1024x768

  3. Select File->Open->asteroid10.3d

  4. Press + hold the END key to zoom out a reasonable distance.

    To zoom in/out faster, you can increase the zoom step by first pressing SHIFT+S and entering a value. e.g 5.0

  5. With the asteroid in the center of the display, select Model->Instance->Load->starcarrier.3d to load an instance of this craft into the scene.

  6. Now LEFT click anywhere near the asteroid to place the ship.

    RIGHT click to exit INSTANCING mode (the ship anchored to the cursor will disappear).

    LEFT click anywhere in the display to exit SELECT mode (the Red box on the ship will now disappear)

  7. Now that you have a ship next to the asteroid, you can see the scale difference. To move the ship to a different location...

  8. LEFT click on it to SELECT it. If it doesn't get selected, go to Model->Instance->Select-> and pick it from the list of models in the scene.

  9. With the model selected, LEFT click on the MOVE MODE icon (#6 from the left, on the icon bar). Now just drag the mouse to move the model to the desired location. Select the MOVE MODE icon again to exit this mode.

Here are some sample pics




See if you can spot the Zenstar fighter in between the Aestrom carrier and Starcarrier cruiser.

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What I love to call ....Europa in the shadow of Jupiter

Start crying...




Here are the 48 shots am releasing tomorrow, to go with my dev diary update. Consider this a first look. Notice the kick-ass level of detail on the terrain, from ground zero.

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Guest rtoolooze

S.C., I keep looking hard at these new screenshots and the more I look, the more I'm just blown away! It amazes me to see what you've done and I know all of us can't wait for the full game and Manual. Great job, thanks man. This will be the greatest game, period.

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I don't supose n e 1 is willing 2 send me a copy of the demo on a CD... At 56k it'll take 4 eva 2 d/l and the machine the web is linked 2 couldn't handle the demo...

Luv the pics can't wait 2 c more..


Bloke wiv Galcom Logo haha!


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I have 2 get a post office box number because my perants don't wnat me giving out address to people on the web... It's ended up in disaster b4 no offence to you it's just to keep my perants cal and happy and my link to the web safe

I'll get it asap thank you for ur offer I'll gladly acept Hey when I c u in multiplayer I'll run in and blow the hell outta the bad guys


Good things are like carnivals, wait long enough and they always come back.

A quote from Ryoko the best blue/green haired women I ever did see :P

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Okies here is the address 2 send it 2 plz..

PO Box 337





MK41 7WZ

Ty man I'll get practicing so when the time comes I can help you beat the bud guys asses back 2 their puiny lil planet hahaha!

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Damn Hector, that was most COOL of you, sent it to the UK from CO. WOW, can I borrow some money? LOL

Nah, just kidding, but that was real nice of you!!! just wanted to comliment you on that, not many of us around anymore!!!

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He is cool man It's a kind and generous act... I wonder if Derek is like that? by the sounds of the No suttup and sitdown he said when asked 4 a few shots I'm not so sure... :P j/k

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