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First Person Mode - Whats wrong/right with it?

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One thing I still have issues with is ordering any troops that are following me around. It just seems cumbersome to me to have to cycle through them to give them commands. Would it be feasable to set up commanding troops so it works like commanding shuttles and fighters while on the bridge of your CC? You could bring up a menu (maybe by right-clicking) similar to the 'Command-Fighters' menu that would show any troops in the area that you can issue orders to. You could then check which troops you want and issue orders to them. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult (seem being the key word here) since it is already being used for shuttles and fighters.

It just seems to me anything that simplifies issuing of orders during the heat of battle would be useful, although I understand that you want to finish up this project and focus your efforts on your other ones.

Unfortunately because of how the mouse is tied to the view system, you can't use it for anything.

For ordering troops, all you need to do is put them all in the priority list when the scenario starts. Then you can just use the PLV (TAB) to quickly select and order them around using the TOM (ESC). Thats why I added this feature to the fp mode btw.

If you want one of your units to attack a particularly target, just designate the target first (CTRL+P), the use the PLV/TOM to give your unit an order pertainting to the designated target.


I ran to make sure that I didn't have any debris land on me (don't know if it would kill me but from what I know of Derek it probably would).

Yes, debris fragments do indeed cause damage to anything they hit as they fly off.

Anyway, your tactics just illustrate just how crazy some of you are. Taking a shuttle to that combat zone is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Usually I just grab the Phantom gunship in front of me and high tail it to the zone. During my ingress, I set a [Proceed To Next] waypoint to the area. Then I add the MK1D SAL perched atop a hill, to my priority list. Thats the first target I take out.

Remember that just because your missile locks, doesn't mean that it can see the target. Usually the target may be behind a mountain. Missiles don't do any collision avoidance. So if you fire just because you see the target TTD, the missile will just plow into the ground.

You really need to take out all the SALs first, then the SAMs and lastly the launch pad. From that point on, you can pretty much pick and choose your targets until the transport shows up and the officer makes a dash for it.

In fact, when I created this script and was testing it, I could complete it (in cheat mode for testing), without ever leaving my gunship. Without cheats, when my flight group lands, if my gunship is damaged, I take one of theirs and then order the pilot (an EFM) to SAD. This way he's not standing around sucking his thumb while I'm being shot at.

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Since so many give feedback on what's wrong with FP, I will first say what's right with it.

Distance rendering is good, objects are smaller when they are further away. There is a reason why most assault rifles today have an effective range of about 150 - 200 meters without optical enchantments (most of up to 400 meters with optical enchantments). Actually if I am going to compare FP mode to any other game out there, it would probably be Operation Flashpoint. If you have played it, then you would notice that targets that are at distance are hard to spot and you must often look for moving shadows. Now of course because of the graphic details, in UC you have to look for small dots instead, but it doesn't change the fact that you may use realistic tactics like not walking on the horizon to remain hidden (how is AI detection in this matter anyway?). Well done!

Movement: Well done, have you been in the army SC? The breathing part with sniper rifle reminds me of my days when I tried shooting a high caliber rifle in standing position. The aim would always go sideways because both elbows are in the air. In crouch position the elbow has support, but your sight is going up and down because you are breathing. As for running and jumping around, it was relatively well done, not sure if marines equipped with gear that would weight over 20kg should be able to jump at all, but if improves gameplay for some people, then sure, why not? By the way, is the planet's gravity taken into account when jumping?

Weapons: Reload is ok, one thing that could be done is the ability to shoot that final bullet in the chamber while you reload in case of emergency. Not sure if I could justify hand grenades in an age where we have battlecruisers. Instead there could be grenade launchers mounted on weapons, but otherwise it's all good.

HUD: Maybe a different layout for widescreen users? Just a thought.

At last there is one small issue with the sniper rifles. When you zoom in, you have the same mouse sensitivity which makes it hard to aim (in situation like this i thank god for having a mouse with three different mouse speeds). Would it be possible to lower mouse speed as you zoom in?

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