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Which patch version can I use?

Our games are released through various mediums, including digital distribution outlets such as Digital River, Direct2Drive etc. All these services use different DRM schemes which are also incorporated in patches.

For this reason, you cannot use a Digital River patch on a game purchased through Direct2Drive. You have to use the patches provided by each distributor.

Running the game's Updater (if supported) will take you to the correct patch location.

Patches available for download on other sites are usually the default versions also used by the game's Updater. So if our patch server is down (and the Updater cannot download a patch), you can download a patch from any of these servers.

If you use the wrong patch on your product, you will have authentication problems. You will then have no choice but to uninstall the game, re-install and patch to the current version using the proper patch file.

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