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LOD Tactics - General GamePlay Tips

Why can't I equip a character with an unlocked weapon/item?

Some weapons/items require a specific CTC (Combat Training Certificate) to use. This is listed in the weapon/item description. To buy additional CTCs for your character, select the CTC button in the Character Edit menu (to the right of the character's stats).

How do I pick up salvage/loot?

Simply direct one of your characters to walk over the salvage to pick it up. If the salvage is a weapon or item unlock, it will unlock that weapon/item for your next mission and you will be able to equip it on the character edit menu.

How do I restart the game and erase my save game?

From the Main Menu select Options, then select Reset Game. This will delete your save game on the device as well as delete the save game on the cloud.

Where can I find the game's full docs, tutorials etc?

You can find them on the game's main site at http://lodmmo.com/tactics/

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