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[UCCE 2.0-3.0] Steam Installation, Shortcuts & Docs


When you install the game, if you have the The Lyrius Conflict DLC (3.0), it will be automatically installed. To uninstall it, you have to do it manually from the Steam library interface for the game.

The installer will create the desktop shortcuts automatically. If not, see the section below.

For more info on the various Universal Combat editions, see KB74

UCCE 2.0

These are the standard 2.0 files located in the install folder. Do NOT run these if you have 3.0. These are the files that allow you to revert back to this version if you uninstall 3.0 (DLC).

UCCE20.EXE // game executable

UCCE20_steam_shortcuts.exe // shortcut & docs installer

UCCE 3.0

These are the 3.0 (DLC) files located in the install folder. They are only installed if you have The Lyrius Conflict DLC. If you uninstall it, they will be removed; and the game reverts back to the base UCCE 2.0 (above).

UCCE.EXE // game executable

UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe // shortcut & docs installer


The game has docs (93 pages), commands (4 pages), tutorial (97 pages) built-in. You can access them using SHIFT+HALT+HCTRL+H.

For printing, we also include the PDF versions which are located in the .\DOCS folder. Shortcuts to these files are also created by the game installer as mentioned above.

If you have the Steam version, the installer should do a silent install of these docs, though for some reason it doesn't always do it. 

If this fails for whatever reason (e.g. OS permissions, anti-virus blockers etc), please follow this procedure to install them.

Look in the Steam's game install folder for UCCE20_steam_shortcuts.exe or UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe depending on which version of the game you have.

Run the installer file to do a silent install of the docs and other resources (e.g. cheat codes!). NOTE: If you have the DLC, running this docs/shortcut installer will remove the previous versions.

After installation, the shortcuts can be located in the START menu under the 3000AD folder.

Steam install folder locations. This depends on Windows version, as well as the user location of the Steam games library. If you have relocated your library, you should look in that folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Universal Combat CE\

C:\Program Files\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Universal Combat CE\

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