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Universal Combat Series

There are several titles in the series. So please note that only The Lyrius Conflict version is currently supported.


  • Commandline Parameters
    These are not documented because they are NOT supported for public use. But feel free to use them at your own risk:These can be added to the Windows shortcut or in the Steam client game properties window. /i : invincibility cheat /n : disable the startup company logo animation /w : run in a...
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  • Crash when game loses window focus
    You should not have any non-essential background programs running while playing this game. This includes email programs with pop-up notifiers, IM programs, Skype etc. If you have these programs running while playing the game and they create a pop-up event, it will interrupt the game and cause it to...
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  • Display resolution support
    All our games prior to Universal Combat Collectors' Edition, do not support widescreen resolutions (e.g. 1280x720, 1920x1080, 1680x1050 etc) natively.If you have a monitor with a resolution (e.g. 1680x1050) that the game does not display in CONFIG, you can force this resolution by doing the...
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  • Game Config Reset
    The game's UCCONFIG.INI file is used to store many game options such as resolution, controllers etc. If this file is missing, the game will create a new one with default values. If you feel that you have config related issues (e.g. unexplained crashes, glitches after changing game options), then...
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  • Game crash in CONFIG screen
    If you try to go to the KEYS section of the game's CONFIG screen and the game crashes, it could be due to issues with USB controllers. There is no fix for this in our legacy Universal Combat games.If you are trying to change your flight controller in the KEYS section, you have to do it manually...
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  • Game crash with pixel or vertex shader error
    If you get this error, it means that your video card does not support the pixel and vertex shader versions required by the game.  Most of our games require video cards which support Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 or higher. More info on how to determine which version your card supports.
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  • Game Crashes & Similar Issues
    Most game crashes are a result of the following Trying to play the game on a system that does not meet with the game's system requirements. Trying to install or run the game without Administrator priviledges. You need an Administrator account to install and play our games. Applying  a patch...
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  • Game hangs after I run the shortcut
    Check the following: Your system meets the requirements of the game. Go to http://www.3000ad.com and check the system requirements for your game. You have installed DirectX 9.0c (August Edition) or higher runtime You have installed the latest DirectX 9.0c or higher compatible...
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  • Game hangs during the intro movie playback
    If your system does not have the required codec for playing the intro movie, it will either crash or display a corrupt screen during playback.This may also be a video card graphics driver glitch which should clear up after the first few frames of the AVI are played. If an error is displayed, just...
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  • Game won't install
    If you have autorun disabled in Windows, you will have to browse to the game CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and run the setup.exe file located there in order to install the game.
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  • Graphics Issues
    Ensure that you are running the latest drivers for your video card. Most of our games require support for pixel & vertex shader 2.0 or higher. More info. You may need the legacy DirectX 9 June 2010 Runtime - even if you are running Windows 10. If the main menu screen becomes corrupted or you find...
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  • How to play own MP3 or OGG music files
    Copy them to the SOUNDFX\MUSIC folder where the game is installed and they will be added to the playlist. You can then use the ALT+. and ALT+, commands to cycle the next / previous song in the playlist. The files can be in either MP3 or Ogg format.
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  • How to remap game controls
    Remapping of the game's default controls, other than what is already exposed in CONFIG, is not supported.
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  • Keyboard Input Issues
    If you don't see the characters when inputting your name in the New Game screen, then you may have a problem with your video driver graphics settings. See KB9
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  • Locating the game docs
    The game has docs, commands, tutorial built-in. You can access them using SHIFT+H, ALT+H, CTRL+H. For printing, we also include the PDF versions. If you have the Steam version, the installer should do a silent install. If this fails for whatever reason (e.g. OS permissions), please follow this...
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  • Multiplayer server configuration & hosting
    You can run a client and server on the same machine (i.e. non-dedicated server) as long as that machine meets with the multiplayer requirements mentioned in the game's FAQ. If running a non-dedicated server, you need to run the console server - not - the graphics server. If running a...
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  • Multiplayer server refuses to run
    The multiplayer server for all games prior to Universal Combat Collector's Edition will not run under Windows Server 2003 (or any OS not supported by the game) or on hardware configuration with an on-board* graphics chip that does not support pixel and vertex shader v1.1 or higher.Universal Combat...
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  • Networking ports required for firewall exception rules
    The client and server use standard UDP ports 2302-2304. If your server is behind a firewall or NAT, then you have to configure your firewall (or router) settings and forward those ports to the computer running the server. You do not need a designated DMZ machine for a server. You can also add the...
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  • Problem hearing 3D audio sounds
    The game sound engine is fully 3D positional. For this reason, you won't hear sounds that are played if you are more than 75km from the sound source. e.g a ship exploding.Also, make sure that your speaker configuration is correct. e.g. if you have a 4-speaker setup, make sure that you have the...
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  • Running in windowed mode
    If you have an monitor with a native res that is higher than the res at which you want to run the game (e.g. 1680x1050) and you run the game at lower resolutions e.g. 720p, it will look poor due to the monitor doing all kinds of crazy scaling. You should try running the game in a window. If you...
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