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Line Of Defense Tactics


  • LOD Tactics - Facebook login for cloud saves
    Upgrading to v1.03 on a new device (or the app has been reinstalled) please use these steps to get your existing cloud save. This is only if you had previously connected your Facebook account with the game through the OpenKit system which has been removed due to the service closing.  Start the...
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  • LOD Tactics - General GamePlay Tips
    Why can't I equip a character with an unlocked weapon/item? Some weapons/items require a specific CTC (Combat Training Certificate) to use. This is listed in the weapon/item description. To buy additional CTCs for your character, select the CTC button in the Character Edit menu (to the right of the...
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  • LOD Tactics - General Tech Support FAQ
    MOBILE VERSION My game crashes during a mission: Usually this means there is not enough memory available on your device. Please check your device specs to make sure it has enough memory to run the game. System requirements for different platforms can been seen here: http://lodmmo.com/tactics/ Try...
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  • LOD Tactics - Issues with some devices
    While we tried very hard to ensure compatibility for all the devices that the game supports, we are getting some reports of problems with certain devices. e.g. Nexus 4, Nexus 5 running KitKat as well as one or two reports about issues on Galaxy Note2 and Note3. These are issues that we have not...
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  • LOD Tactics - Screen Rotation Issue
    The game only runs in landscape mode and it will auto-rotate to this mode at startup. If you have locked your device's rotation, please unlock it. The device could have its rotation locked and hence be overriding the landscape orientation Please check the device’s auto-rotate settings to make...
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  • LOD Tactics - Ticket Submission
    If you have a tech support issue, please create a ticket and provide the following details: Operating system and version (ie: iOS 7, Android 4.1, etc) Device make and model (ie: Apple iPad 2, Asus Nexus 7, etc) Description of the issue and steps to reporduce it If the issue occurs during a...
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  • LOD Tactics - Touch Control Issues
    Given the real-time nature of the game, on mobile devices, there are times - usually during intense gameplay activity - when the pinch-to-zoom and touch rotate controls will appear sluggish and unresponsive. We are aware of this and while there is nothing much that we can do at this time, we are...
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  • Supported Game Versions
    We no longer support legacy games which were released via Direct2Drive and GamersGate. Only Digital River and Steam releases are now supported.
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