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Multiplayer server refuses to run

The multiplayer server for all games prior to Universal Combat Collector's Edition will not run under Windows Server 2003 (or any OS not supported by the game) or on hardware configuration with an on-board* graphics chip that does not support pixel and vertex shader v1.1 or higher.

Universal Combat Collectors' Edition console and graphics servers will run on Windows Server 2003 R2, with or without vertex shader v1.1 on the on-board graphics chip.

For more multiplayer client/server issues, please refer to the FAQ for the game. All supported game FAQs are located at http://www.3000ad.com/site/online_help/

* Most server boards have on-board graphics chips made by Intel. Most if not ALL of those chips, even if they have support for shaders, are woefully inadequate for playing and/or hosting video games.

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