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Line Of Defense


  • Crash during Steam game login
    As has been reported in the forums, we found out that the crashes when trying to login to the game via Steam login is related to corrupted Steam downloads. If this happens to you, please do the following: In the game's Steam library entry, right-click on the game Select Delete local content to...
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  • Crash Reporting
    In order to efficiently track reported crashes, in Build | 15-08-04 we implemented new bug tracking and reporting software. However, in order for this to be effective, you have to use it. Just enter a brief description of what you were doing and send it to us. No personal information...
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  • Display Resolution Issues
    The game defaults to 1280x720 (720p) which is a 16:9 aspect ratio display resolution. This may cause issues with some 4:3 aspect ratio monitor and GPU devices. In this case, you have to ensure that your GPU tools (e.g. AMD Catalyst Control Center) is set to maintain the aspect ratio for the 4:3...
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  • Game Config Reset
    The game's LOD.config file is used to store many game options such as resolution, controllers etc. If this file is missing, the game will create a new one with default values. If you feel that you have config related issues (e.g. unexplained crashes, glitches after changing game options), then you...
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  • How to find your map location
    To find your exact location in game, you can use the /loc, /where and /whereami commands to get your coordinates.  This can be helpful to share with other players or when submitting tickets for found bugs and suggestions. The steps to use this feature are shown below.  Each of these commands does...
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  • How to use Steam voice chat
    The game has full support for Steam's voice chat. For instructions on how to set up and use it, please read this article.
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  • Line Of Defense - Important Support Bulletin
    TECH SUPPORT GUIDELINES Before continuing, please review the game's tech support guidelines All Line Of Defense KB articles are listed here. WINDOWS 10 With Windows 10 out, the DirectX binaries installed with the game, are completely removed in some cases. We don’t specifically know how or why...
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  • Line Of Defense - Known Issues
    Known Issues Changelog Tech Support
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  • Locating the game docs
    The game docs are available in PDF and JPG format and setup for printing in landscape mode. You can locate them at the following places: On the game's Steam store page, the links are to the right of the page After installing the game, they are located in Start Menu/3000AD/Line Of Defense...
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  • LOD Windows 10 Compatibility
    The release of Windows 10 causes some problems with various games. LOD happens to be one of those games.  In Windows 10, the DirectX binaries installed with the game, are completely removed in some cases. We don’t specifically know how or why it is happening, but it could depend on the upgrade...
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  • Supported Game Versions
    We no longer support legacy games which were released via Direct2Drive and GamersGate. Only Digital River and Steam releases are now supported.
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  • When key bindings no longer work
    If you find some keys don’t work after you do a version update, just reset your key bindings from within the game options screen.
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