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Homeworld:Earth / Sol
Location:Terran Quadrant : Sector D9
Prime Attribute:Research
Galcom Member:Yes
Tech Level:3
The Terrans have evolved into a slightly aggressive nation. They are interested in space travel and allocate huge amounts of resources to research and development of advanced technologies in the areas of space travel and defense systems. The Terrans are waging an unsuccessful war with the Insurgents on Earth and in space. Several GALCOM fleets of Terran ships are on permanent station in Terran and Empirian territories. The Terrans are currently members of Galactic Command.

Karl Reines
Supreme Commander
Galactic Command

Mark Stryker
Fleet Commander

Nat Mason
Strategic Commander

Randy Karynia

Tacops Commander

Jack Dearth

Tacops Commander



Homeworld:Centris / Alpha Centauri
Location:Terran Quadrant : Sector C8
Prime Attribute:Research
Galcom Member:Yes
Tech Level:2

The Empirians have been waging a losing war with pirates and smugglers for decades. Due to their advanced research background, their territories have always been the targets of these undesirables. The Empirian Starforce HQ in orbit around Cronus is the most heavily defended base in the Terran quadrant. However, frequent skirmishes proved to be costly for the Empirian high command to the point of preventing the construction of additional star stations within their territories.

Then there are the Sla'ti. Long before the Empirian/Terran contact, they had plagued Starforce both in space and on their homeworlds. Their sole purpose is to profit from technological advances were made in the region. Their influence spans the galaxy and while they have some outside alliances, they are hated at home. It is rumored that the high counsel of the Empirian supreme command had ties to the Sla'ti which may be why all attempts to eradicate them have so far failed. The Sla'ti bases on the Empirian planets Nevuela and Varan are virtually impenetrable. Neither of these planets is considered to be of economic value to the Empirian high command, so after several lopsided skirmishes which resulted in heavy government losses the planets have been left to their own devices.

Shortly after GALCOM was formed, a Sla'ti vessel captured a Terran transport convoy.  Some of the crew were said to have been taken to a labor camp on Varan. As a result, the Terran government consulted with the Empirians and soon after a GALCOM patrol and strike force was dispatched to the region. The fleet's primary objective was to block the Sla'ti shipping routes, capture their ships and eventually lead a strike on their bases. What at first appeared to be a quick and simple mission turned out to be a war that would last for years.

Soon rumors surfaced that contended that the Sla'ti were not responsible for the original attack on the Terran convoy. Rather, it is insinuated that factions within the Empirian government had orchestrated the attack in order to draw GALCOM into deploying of troops in the region.

The Empirians also allocate huge amounts of resource to defense research and are currently members of Galactic Command

Ugo Ra-Zin
Strategic Commander 



Homeworld:Canaan / Omicron Eridani
Location:Terran Quadrant : Sector B6
Prime Attribute:Explorers
Galcom Member:Yes
Tech Level:1

This slightly aggressive race are essentially explorers and traders operating from their home world on Canaan. Their system is isolated from the normal space lanes and they have been trying for years, with little success, to build a stable jump point linking Omicron Eridani and Procyon. This would provide an easier access to the Credian quadrant and the well traveled trade routes beyond. The jump point in Ramis has exits that end up near Barnard's Star and Alpha Majora. With new technology, the Vesperons thought to build a special jump point that would allow them to direct one of these exit points into Procyon. Unfortunately, once the technology hurdles were surmounted, another problem was discovered. Procyon, because it was isolated, had become a haven for pirates, smugglers and other undesirable galactic rejects. Vesperon fleets that took the long way around to wage war with the occupants of Procyon, were usually unsuccessful. They had to travel too far to refuel, repair and rearm. This led the Vesperons to try a policy of seeking alliances with other, more capable alien nations, in the hope of defeating the undesirable inhabitants of Procyon. They then could proceed with the development of a special device that would allow them access to Procyon directly from Ramis.

This strategy has been blocked by GALCOM's rejection of the plan. They claim that no one would really gain from annexing Omicron except the Vesperons and site GALCOM directives that prohibit interference in internal conflicts that were beyond the alliance's jurisdiction. As the system does not belong to the Vesperons, any hostile invasion would be in violation of GALCOM regulations.

The Vesperon government is also accusing the Empirians of condoning the actions of the Sla'ti. To make matters worse, Tau Ceti, the only short link to the Syrion quadrant is a constant source of bounty for pirates who routinely escape either to Alpha Centauri or to Alpha Majora. This prevents any non-military base from being built in the system. The Vesperons claim that Tau Ceti was also the responsibility of the Empirians who they feel should assist in the construction of a military station there. Citing economic constraints, the Empirians declined to participate in the construction of the station. The situation in Tau Ceti remains unchanged.  The inhabitants of Procyon aren't budging and the relations between the Vesperons and the Empirians remain strained.

The Vesperons remain committed to gaining control of Procyon and annexing Omicron Eridani to Procyon. They allocate a huge amount of resources to technological and defense research. They are currently members of Galactic Command.

V'lith R'ar
Vesperon Military 



Homeworld:Ronus-IV / Trenis
Location:Credian Quadrant : Sector I7
Prime Attribute:Explorers
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:1

The Credians are very advanced in exploration. It is rumored that they have traveled throughout the galaxy and perhaps beyond. They are currently involved in a war with the Zelons over an ancient artifact that was supposedly recovered by a Credian exploration team from the wreckage of a Zelon spacecraft in Tau Ranis. The Credians claim they don't posses this item but the Zelons insist that they have proof they do. Hostilities broke out over eight months ago and though the Zelons are a small nation, they are putting up a brave fight.

The Credians allocate large amounts of resources toward exploration and are not members of Galactic Command.

Alin Tin
Credian Military 



Homeworld:Lydan / Krynon
Location:Credian Quadrant : Sector I5
Prime Attribute:Warriors
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:4

This race is one of the most advanced in warfare. They are extremely aggressive but are rarely involved in prolonged conflicts. They are very close their sister race the Mandorians.  They have recently joined forces with the Mandorians to drive Valkerie and Gammulan forces out of the Credian quadrant.

The Kandorians allocate a vast amount of resources toward weapons technology and are not members of Galactic Command.

Z'tar Ka-Hi
Kandorian Military 



Homeworld:Pravis / Cyrian
Location:Credian Quadrant : Sector H5
Prime Attribute:Warriors
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:3

Like their sister race the Kandorians, the Mandorians are warriors, but with a less aggressive nature. They have been engaged in a war with the Valkeries for more than ten years over Rinaal, a planet on the edge of the Credian and Gammulan quadrants. Though the Valkeries were the first settlers of Rinaal, limited resources and a catastrophe that destroyed half the planet, forced them to abandon it and migrated to Omega Centauri. The Kandorians were able to rebuild the planet and use it for training and research bases. It wasn't long before small colonies began to be constructed. At present, the planet is fully populated. In the mean time, the Valkeries decided to return to Rinaal and though the Mandorians welcomed them to settle among their people, the Valkeries insisted upon reclaiming the planet as their own and adopting a Valkerie government. War broke out and continues to the present time.

The Mandorians divide their resources between weapons technology and galactic exploration. At present, they are not members of Galactic Command.

C'tha Ma
Mandorian Military 



Homeworld:Zelana / Lanix-V
Location:Credian Quadrant : Sector G5
Prime Attribute:Traders
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:0

The Zelons are a mild race of religious traders who will buy or sell anything if it makes them a profit. They are notorious for securing the largest and most ambitious deals in the space lanes. They are currently at war with the Credians over an ancient artifact they claim was taken by the Credians from the crash site of one of their spacecraft. Due to its strategic location in the galaxy, the Zelon system Lanix V is a very important link to the rest of the galaxy.

The Zelons allocate most of their resources to trading and exploration. They are not currently members of Galactic Command.

Zelon Military 



Homeworld:Otura-6 / Omega Centauri
Location:Gammulan Quadrant : Sector G2
Prime Attribute:Warriors
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:3

The Valkeries are a very aggressive and ruthless race. They do not welcome strangers in their regions and frown upon any neighbor who has access to a technology more advanced than their own. They are sworn enemies of their sister nation the Falkerie and have aided the Gammulans in the invasion of their homeworlds. They are currently at war with the Mandorians over Rinaal, a planet their ancestors abandoned many centuries before. They are close allies of the Gammulans.

The Valkeries allocate resources toward exploration and weapons technology. They are not currently members of Galactic Command.

Z'dan Nad
Valkerie Military



Homeworld:LV-103 / Alpha Cygni
Location:Gammulan Quadrant : Sector G1
Prime Attribute:Traders
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:1

The Falkerie are a mild race of traders and explorers. Their homeworlds are densely populated by citizens of different nations as a result of their travels within the galaxy. The Falkerie planets are very rich in Radine deposits making them very valuable. The Gammulans invaded the Falkerie homeworlds in order to seize control of these Radine mines. The Falkerie fought long and hard for many years but were no match for the Gammulans. They are currently under Gammulan rule but a small group of resistance fighters are waging a silent war to liberate their homeworlds.

The Falkerie resources are allocated toward trading since weapons research is forbidden by their Gammulan rulers. They are not currently members of Galactic Command.

Vli Ron
Falkerie Military



Homeworld:Gamma-1 / Gammula
Location:Gammulan Quadrant : Sector F2
Prime Attribute:Warriors
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:5

The Gammulans are the most aggressive and perhaps the most advanced race in the galaxy. They are also the largest and richest nation. For many years the Gammulans preyed on weaker nations and advanced in areas of research and weapons by stealing these technologies. Trading within their territories continues to prosper even though (or perhaps because) they are haven for pirates and smugglers.

The Gammulans have fought three unsuccessful wars with the Syrions and Droidans in an attempt to annex the Alpha Canis star system. In order to acquire sufficient resources to finance another conflict with the Syrions and Droidans, the Gammulans invaded their weaker neighbors the Falkeries who had refused to join in the war against the Syrions and Droidans.  They took over the Falkerie worlds thereby controlling over 90% of the Radine deposits in the quadrant. An alliance with the Valkeries assisted the Gammulans in infiltrating the Falkerie defense system in the early stages of the conflict. In order to return the favor, the Gammulans are supporting the Valkerie war effort against the Mandorians over another territorial matter.  When GALCOM was formed, the Gammulans were refused membership because of their aggressive nature and general disregard for law and order. As a result, relations between the Gammulans and GALCOM member nations have remained strained for many years.

The Gammulans allocate most of their resources to weapons technology. They are not members of Galactic Command.

Darien Mane

Head of Gammulan War Council

Gla Zir

Gammulan Military


Gammulan Military

Tanis Veer

Gammulan Military



Homeworld:Sarien / Alpha Canis
Location:Syrion Quadrant : Sector E4
Prime Attribute:Research
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:1

The Syrions are highly advanced cyborgs and one of the most intelligent nations in the galaxy. No one quite knows where they came from and since only Syrions themselves are allowed anywhere near their highly restricted home base, speculation is high. They appear to be mild mannered at first but can become quite aggressive if intimidated. They rarely venture out of their quadrant and when they do, it is usually on research and development trips. They refuse to be referred to as cyborgs and think of themselves as organisms that have descended from a higher intelligence. When war broke out with the Gammulans, their casualty rates ran at only about 1%. This is because most of their ships were unmanned robots with very advanced systems.

It is not quite clear how the Syrions allocate their resources but due to their high level of intelligence and the items found at their bases, it can be assumed that they concentrate heavily on all forms of advanced technology. The Syrions are not currently members of Galactic Command.

Tani Shar
Syrion Military



Homeworld:Alteris / Vega Eridani
Location:Syrion Quadrant : Sector B4
Prime Attribute:Research
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:2

This race is closely related to the Syrions but it is not quite clear how. Where the Syrions are part machine and part living tissue, the Droidans are all machine. No Droidan has ever been encountered outside the Syrion quadrant. They have been known to join in against the Gammulans in defense of the Syrion quadrant. It is certain that the Gammulans, and pretty much every undesirable entity in the galaxy are interested in learning the secrets behind the Syrion and Droidan nations. Due to the high level of security within their territories, it is impossible to venture into any restricted section of the Syrion quadrant without being intercepted.

There are those who believe that the Syrions and Droidans are responsible for linking the galaxy with wormholes and flux fields the way it is now. These claims have not been acknowledged by either race.

Mega Byte
Droidan Military



Prime Attribute:UNKNOWN
Galcom Member:No
Tech Level:UNKNOWN

Absolutely NOTHING is known about this elusive group of aliens now known as The Thirteenth Race. In fact, the Galaxian name of this race comes from ancient scriptures found amongst the relics of an ancient Droidan civilization. It is speculated that they are the originators of this galaxy and are responsible for bringing the very first species to it.

There is talk of a crashed probe located on a planet deep within a Supernova in the Vega Eridani system. Nothing else is known - and so far, all monitoring of this probe have revealed NO further clues as to the existence and/or whereabouts of this race.