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Most Recent Articles

  • [UCCE 2.0-3.0] Steam Installation, Shortcuts & Docs
    VERSION INSTALL When you install the game, if you have the The Lyrius Conflict DLC (3.0), it will be automatically installed. To uninstall it, you...
  • [UCCE 2.0-3.0] Saved Games
    =============================================== NOTE: INSTANT ACTION SCENARIOS DO NOT SUPPORT SAVE AND RESTORE...
  • [UCCE 3.0] Game Startup Issues
    The 3.0x build of the game is the kernel for The Lyrius Conflict DLC which is currently on Steam. This DLC requires the base v2.00.03 of the game....
  • Universal Combat Editions
    There are four editions of Universal Combat CE. The 2015 Steam re-release was free for a limited time, but is now sold for $9.99. In order to...
  • Commandline Parameters
    These are not documented because they are NOT supported for public use. But feel free to use them at your own risk:These can be added to the...
  • [UCCE 2.0] Final 2.00.03 Patch
    NOTE: The 2.00.03 patch (download link) is the final patch for the 2009 UCCE 2.0 game. It will install over any (regardless of where it was...
  • Line Of Defense - Important Support Bulletin
    TECH SUPPORT GUIDELINES Before continuing, please review the game's tech support guidelines All Line Of Defense KB articles are listed here....
  • Line Of Defense - Known Issues
    Known Issues Changelog Tech Support

Most Viewed Articles

  • How to install a game patch
    MANUAL PATCH UPDATING All our games require the downloaded patch file to be copied into the game install folder and executed from there. If you...
  • DRM License Key Issues
    All of our games use some form of DRM scheme.When purchasing some retail versions of our games, the media (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM) contains your license...
  • Game crash with pixel or vertex shader error
    If you get this error, it means that your video card does not support the pixel and vertex shader versions required by the game. Please go to...
  • This aplication has failed to start...
    This aplication has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problemIf you get...
  • Game Crashes & Similar Issues
    Most game crashes are a result of the following Trying to play the game on a system that does not meet with the game's system requirements. Trying...
  • Game hangs after I run the shortcut
    Check the following: Your system meets the requirements of the game. Go to http://www.3000ad.com and check the system requirements for your...
  • [UCCE] Crash when running IA0311 Instant Action scenario.
    Selecting the IA0311 Instant Action scenario (IA0311.SCR) would cause a crash. This is due to missing world assets and has been resolved. To fix...
  • Game won't install
    If you have autorun disabled in Windows, you will have to browse to the game CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and run the setup.exe file located there in order to...